Powerline Networking – Part 4

At the end of Powerline Networking Upgrade – Part 3, I left everything as, in essence being hunky-dory.  Alas, that wasn’t the case.  The old gremlins crept in, the Powerline adapters needed a reset every few days, and then the repairing.  I’d become pretty speedy at doing all this, to make the re-pairing as painless as possible. 

The slow migration to the new Lenovo X1 Extreme, with its wireless networking meant that I had little need for the three-way Powerline setup.  Thinking this might make a difference I dropped back to a two-node Powerline setup, which simply linked the VDSL router in the house with the networking in the workshop, that connects the AirPi to the outside world.

After a few weeks of “not counting my chickens before they are hatched” I can now say this really does work reliably and maintains the purportedly fast network connection. 

I guess the conclusion is that whoever in TP-Link designed these units, had only a two-node Powerline network in mind.

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