AirPi – Complete & Running

I have finally finished making the AirPi ready for service.

After hardening the Pi, using the hardening actions in the Makezine article I have posted previously and  putting a cron job into restart overnight, its now ready for deployment outside.

I’ve used the excellent software, augmented from the founders original code by Haydn Williams.

I’ve used Ubidots as a platform to receive and publish the results.  The longer term plan is to pump the data from the AirPi into a Hadoop cluster – again running on a series of Raspberry Pis to then play with some BigData tooling.

I’ve added a cron job to restart the Pi every night at midnight.  The software is sometimes flaky and can crash.  Other people have worked around this by starting and stopping the software when they require a reading.  Horses for courses….

After the various bits of drilling and screwing etc – the Pi is now mounted – see pics below.

One job left is to use the https Ubidots endpoint to push data up…just because I want to.

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