Canon MP500 – print head replacement

I’ve had a Canon MP500 multi-function scanner/printer for 13 years, and it has provided sterling service though as I don’t print that much that isn’t hard.  I’ve spent money on Canon photographic papers and found all the ICC profiles and duly loaded them into Lightroom to produce decent prints when I find the time. 

I first noticed a gradual decline in print quality, mostly vertical ink lines on the paper which got worse.  Then imagine my disappointment when the printer began throwing error messages – just when I needed it to print.  It complained the head was missing or some such. 

After power cycling which provided a mostly successful temporary fix, I decided that I should remove the head and actually take a look.  The picture you see in the post is what I found. 

I used some cotton buds and isopropyl alcohol, but it just reoccurred.  I needed a new print head; but could I find one?  Not in the usual channels.  Canon has discontinued the part.

I located a genuine Canon print head at – specifically here – had it shipped from China.  It arrived about a week or so later, dropped it in and everything is back to normal. 

One day I will have to say good bye to the printer, but the combination of good quality print, a scanner that as good as I need and the ability to operate as a photocopier without having start-up this ancient twin Xeon unit is a bonus. 

Here’s to a few more years – or at least until I’ve run down the stock of photographic paper!

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